World Bank policy review

The World Bank is conducting a Forest Policy Implementation Review and is developing a Strategy to guide its work in the forest sector. A full description of the Forest Policy Implementation Review and Strategy can be found in the Initiating Memorandum on the World Bank's web site.

As part of this process, FAO has been commissioned by the World Bank to prepare several papers on sustainable forest management and global markets for forest products. Final versions of the background papers prepared and a summary of the main results of this work can be downloaded below.

These papers are being circulated to encourage thought and discussion within the framework of the ongoing Forest Policy Implementation Review and Strategy. They are not publications of the World Bank Group and the views expressed are those of the authors and should not be attributed to the World Bank Group or FAO.

Some effort at uniformity of presentation has been attempted but the contents have only been minimally edited for style or clarity. FAO would welcome comments on these papers, which can be sent to the two contacts below.

Report and working papers

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last updated:  Monday, December 7, 2009