Outlook reports

Regional outlook report

The regional report discusses the current state of forests and forestry, the economic and environmental significance of forests and woodlands, factors influencing the forest sector, the probable scenarios of development based on critical drivers of change and their implications on the sector, and priorities and strategies that may be appropriate to the different scenarios.

Sub-regional reports

Considering the differences between West Asia and Central Asia and the Caucasus, two sub-regional reports elaborating the specific issues relating to forests and forestry in these two sub-regions have been prepared. These provide a good overview of the forest situation, forest management, policy, legal and institutional framework and the critical issues facing the sector in these two sub-regions.


West Asia Sub-regional report: click here

Central Asia Sub-regional report: soon available


Country outlook papers

As a starting point for the preparation of the regional and sub-regional reports, member countries initiated an in-country consultative process resulting in the preparation of country outlook papers describing the current situation of forests and forestry, the driving forces and scenarios that are expected to emerge. The country papers are not available here and to obtain a copy, please contact the National Focal Points.

Also a number of thematic studies on cross cutting issues relevant to most countries were undertaken. The country outlook papers and the thematic studies alongwith other information and the inputs from the various workshops/ meetings formed the base for the regional and sub-regional reports.

Thematic papers

Land use dynamics and institutional changes in Central Asia by Ilia Osepahvili click here

Land use dynamics and policy and institutional changes in West Asian countries by Lama Bashour click here

Urban and peri-urban forestry and greening in West and Central Asia by Ulrika Akerlund, Lidija Knuth, Thomas B. Randrup and Jasper Schipperijn click here

Wildlife issues and development prospects in West and Central Asia by René Czudek click here

Non-wood forest products in Central Asia and Caucasus by Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) click here

Forest-poverty linkages in West and Central Asia: The outlook from a sustainable livelihoods perspective by Pari Baumann click here

Methodology and case studies on linkages between poverty and forestry: Afghanistan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey by Tadashi Shimizu and Monique Trudel with case studies by Ainur Asanbaeva, Mona Kananian, Gh.Naseri and Melekber Sülüşoğlu click here

Assessing the access to forest resources for improving livelihoods in West and Central Asia countries by Tadashi Shimizu click here

Greening cities for improving urban livelihoods: Legal, policy and institutional aspects of urban and peri-urban forestry in West and Central Asia - (with a case study of Armenia) by Lidija Knuth click here

 Forest related environmental issues in the West and Central Asia: Problems and outlook by Axelle Boulay Click here

Working paper
EUPHRATES AND TIGRIS WATERSHED - Economic, social and institutional aspects of forest in an integrated watershed management by Hannaneh M. Kangarani Click here
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