Meetings and workshops

Meetings, workshops and conferences provide opportunities for learning, experience sharing, professional development, education, network and relationship building, and shared vision development. Educational sessions, coupled with the personal interaction give participants the opportunity to share ideas and can help to create synergies that would not have been possible to forge otherwise, as meetings frequently give participants the chance to organically discuss, brainstorm, and express ideas together. In an era of increasing technological advancement and an increasingly fast paced environment, meetings and workshops are taking a variety of forms, including in-person conferences, community workshops, electronic learning sessions and a variety of other formats. This section includes a sampling of meetings and workshops relevant to participatory forestry that have taken place around the globe.
Policies and laws as enabling environment for NTFP collection processing and trade: results of analysis, first lessons learned and way forward.
29 January 2014
Italy, Rome
Languages: English
Meeting type: Formal meeting
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