The National Forest Programme Facility


National Forest Programmes, being one of the most important outcomes of the international dialogue on forests after the UNCED Summit in Rio 1992, are the first commonly agreed frameworks in pursuit of sustainable forest management applicable to all countries and all types of forests. More than 130 countries are now in some stage of planning or implementing their national forest programmes (nfps).

The National Forest Programme Facility, hosted by FAO, was created in 2002 in response to the demand by many governments for support to implement their nfp addressing the forest sector issues in a holistic, comprehensive and multi-sector manner. It supports the nfp as a natural platform for implementing sustainable forest management and therefore forest-related climate issues. In addition, the NFP Facility is an existing vehicle to support the implementation at the national level of the Non-Legally Binding Instrument on all types of forests adopted at UNFF7 in 2007.

The NFP Facility stimulates participation in the nfp process by providing grants directly to stakeholders in more than 70 partner countries. NFP Facility grants are awarded through an open and competitive process including calls for proposals and selection by the national multi-stakeholder steering committee. Activities supported by the NFP Facility and implemented by the stakeholders include:

  • Analysis and formulation of forest policies
  • Capacity building through training
  • Knowledge management
  • Awareness raising
  • Information sharing and networking

The NFP Facility also serves as a comprehensive information service on nfps worldwide. It provides an online forest information platform with an overview of nfps and specific country information. In addition, the NFP Facility supports regional workshops, consultations, and networks to share experiences as well as training workshop modules on nfps, conflict resolution, stakeholder participation, financing mechanisms for sustainable forest management in its partner countries.

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last updated:  Tuesday, June 7, 2011