Farm foresters associations

Part of FAO¿s work in forest extension involves facilitating the formation of farmers¿ associations in small-scale agroforestry and non-industrial private forestry. The benefits of bringing together farm foresters include:

  • allowing members to pool resources, share information, discuss issues and problems and devise appropriate solutions;
  • more effective forestry extension services reaching a larger number of smallholders in a wider forest area;
  • increased investments in terms of equipment and structural improvements which would become affordable through cost sharing;
  • development of an economically viable forest industry, which would increase its profitability through bulk purchase and joint marketing operations.

Through such associations farm foresters can learn more about the structure and dynamics of the product marketing chain, negotiation among market actors, organizational learning and group promotion.

FAO is collaborating with other partners to facilitate the creation of associations concerned with:

  • Smallholder forest extension in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Smallholder timber production marketing

last updated:  Friday, October 3, 2003