Non-FAO publications

  • ECOSOC. 2003. Progress in implementation: forest health and productivity. Report of the Secretary-General. United Nations Economic and Social Council, E/CN.18/2003/5, 13 March 2003. Item 3 (a) (ii) of the provisional agenda: Implementation of the proposals for action of the Intergovernmental Panel on Forests/Intergovernmental Forum on Forests and the plan of action of the United Nations Forum on Forests. Prepared for Third session of the United Nations Forum on Forests, Geneva, 26 May-6 June 2003.
  • Douce, G.K., Moorhead, D.J., & Bargeron, C.T. 2002. Forest Pest Control. University of Georgia, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Special Bulletin 16.


Journal articles

  • Gaoping, W., Y. Qing, Z. Kai & Ciesla, W. 2001. Factors affecting production of Chinese Chestnut in Xinxian County, Henan Province, China. In The Forestry Chronicle 77 (5): 839-845.

  • Allard, G. & Coutinho, T. 2000. Integrated Pest Management of Tree Pathogens and Disease Vectors. In Arab J. Pl. Prot. 18: 124-127.

  • Allard, G. 1998. Integrated Pest Management for forests and trees, a review of FAO's activities. In The Forestry Chronicle 74 (4): 541-543.

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