FAO projects related to planted forests

FAO undertakes field projects to assist member countries in testing and demonstrating alternative processes, methodologies and techniques in the field of planted forests. Some of these are listed in the table below, with appropriate Web links and downloadable documents.

Project Code/Geographic area/Year TitleAvailable documentsPhotos

TCP-Facility Lebanon; 2011

Development of a GCP-project proposal for a national reforestation programme in Lebanon

TCP/RAS/3307; Cambodia, Laos Indonesia, Thailand; 2010-2012

Applying assisted natural regeneration (ANR) for restoring forest ecosystem services in Southeast Asia

TCP/UGA/3303; Uganda; 2010-2012

Support for the Rehabilitation, Development and Sustainable Management of Forest Resources in Northern Uganda

TCP/ARM/3203; Armenia; 2009-2011

Afforestation and reforestation

TCP/BDI/3202; Burundi; 2009-2011

Appui à la gestion durable des peuplements d’eucalyptus et de pinus et au partage equitable des bénéfices

GCP/INT/059/ITA; Mediterranean Countries and Central Asia;
2008 on-going

Poplars and Willows for Sustainable Livelihoods and Land-use 

TCP/ZAM/0166(A); Zambia; 2001-2001

the commercial
viability of
industrial copperbelt

GCP/INT/628/UK; International; 1995-2002

Timber production
from hardwood plantations
in the tropics and

GCP/CPR/009/BEL; China; 1990-2002Afforestation,
forestry research,
planning and
development in the
Three North Region
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