Practical guide for reviewing national forest programmes and policies


In the past five years FAO has provided support to forest policy formulation in around 20 countries worldwide. The experience from these and numerous other forest policy development processes undertaken by countries clearly shows that substantial changes have occurred in the past 20 years, profoundly affecting not only the contents of forest policies but in particular also the way forest policies are formulated or reviewed.

Based on this experience, a practical guide for forest policy formulation, Developing effective forest policy: a guide, was published in 2010 to support countries in conceptualizing and planning forest policy formulation processes. The publication is available in: English, Spanish, French and Russian.

The forest policy team is currently working on a new practical guide on Reviewing Forest Policies and National Forest Programmes. The guide will not only focus on the formal forest policies, NFPs and their respective implementation arrangements but also take into consideration comments from broader circle of specialists and experts with experience in and knowledge of policy reviews. The draft guide was peer-reviewed by the FAO experts (an internal expert peer-review meeting was held in April 2013) and by a broader circle of experts and stakeholders from partner countries and organizations with experience in and knowledge of policy reviews (an external expert meeting was organized in Rome on 11-12 June, 2013)  

This guide is intended for senior government officials who are reviewing their National Forest Programme and policies, as well as other stakeholders, particularly civil society organizations and community groups.


last updated:  Tuesday, February 9, 2016