Identifying your needs

You may be interested in forest reproductive material for many different reasons. This site can serve the needs of many types of stakeholder. Please check down the list of possible roles below to see which most closely fit your responsibilities. We suggest that you look at all the pages in the site to get a complete overview, but we provide here immediate links to sections or topics that are most likely to be of special relevance, depending on your level of interest. If you are involved in a project, you may find the
checklist summaryon the next page useful - it will help you ensure that you don't forget any points. If you are fully conversant with technical and other matters, but just need links to further information, then you can go straight to the sectionFinding out more.

What sort of stakeholder are you?

The following sections or topics may be of particular help when you are:

  • formulating programmes, policies or legislation that relate to forest reproductive material:Policy, social and other matters;
  • preparing or monitoring projects concerned with seed or other material/programs:Checklist summaryandProject support;
  • training, educating or creating public awareness about seed etc.:Training and education;
  • studying, researching or developing to improve quality and quantity of reproductive material:Selection,Improvement,Valuing benefitsandFinding out more;
  • selling and exporting material as a commercial venture:Buying and sellingandRegulating and applying standards;
  • analysing and storing material in a seed centre:Handling and analyzing;
  • arranging collection or procuring seed etc. for users:Organizing and collectingandSeed supplier directories;
  • propagating material in nurseries etc.:Propagation in nurseries;
  • promoting nursery extension and developing participatory approaches:Management and participation.

    This site does not provide new information. It just helps to structure and summarise key topics and issues and provides you with links to further information or tools that you might need.

  • last updated:  Tuesday, April 17, 2007