Procurement: getting the right quantity and quality

Once a decision has been made about species and provenances, the next stage is to procure the material, making sure that quality and quantity are appropriate. There are many steps and factors to consider, particularly if you intend to arrange collections yourself, rather than purchasing from a dealer. Buying (and selling) reproductive material requires a good understanding of rules and regulations in force, the documentation needed, marketing strategies, transport arrangements etc. Once the material has been obtained, considerable work may be needed to maintain its quality and make the material ready for eventual use in nurseries etc.

We provide an overview of the key issues and sources of information concerned with procurement under the following three topics: (1) the activities directly related to organizing and collecting material from the field; (2) the administrative matters that are important if material is bought (or sold) instead of organized and collected directly, and (3) the activities involved in handling and analysing the seed once it has been obtained, prior to propagation.

  • Organizing and collecting
  • Buying and selling
  • Handling and analyzing
last updated:  Wednesday, April 18, 2007