Guide to forest reproductive material

This guide provides an overview of the management of forest reproductive material, highlighting key issues and links to relevant additional information with the overall aim of promoting quality, quantity and successful establishment within the sector. It aims to help users define their needs, plan their seed requirements, identify potential tree sources, and also provides examples of material transfer agreements.

A summary paper of issues (Forest Reproductive Material: Future Opportunities and Challenges) was prepared for the World Forestry Congress, 2003, and can be found at:

The information contained on these pages is also available as an online publication (housed in FAO's virtual library - the Corporate Document Repository) making printing, reading and offline use easier. It can be found at:

The site will be further developed, as several topics are currently studied. On-going work includes a review of existing extension materials; studies to better understand the status and trends of global supply and demand of forest reproductive material; and a review of the developments of genetic modification technology in the forestry sector. These studies will be posted on line upon completion.

A draft report of the review of extension material can be found at:

last updated:  Friday, July 11, 2008