Oxford Forest Information Service

This world-class service comes under the Plant Sciences Library of the University of Oxford, and forms part of the Oxford University Library Services. It is run in association with the Oxford Forestry Institute and CAB International. The service provides a very wide range of links to further information services and sources. A must-visit site for anyone searching for forestry information.

Plant Sciences Library
Oxford University Library Services
South Parks Road
Tel:+44 1865 275082
Fax:+44 1865 275095
E-mail: enquiries@plantlib.ox.ac.uk

For further information, visit the Web site:http://www.plantlib.ox.ac.uk/

Internet for Agriculture, Food and Forestry

This is a free "teach yourself" tutorial on Internet information skills for agriculture, food and forestry.

The Internet is a rich source of information and resources for students, lecturers, researchers and professionals. This tutorial covers the key information skills for the Internet environment:

  • learn how to use the Internet to help with your coursework, literature searching, teaching or research;
  • tour key Internet sites for agriculture, food and forestry;
  • discover how to improve your Internet searching;
  • review the critical thinking required when using the Internet;
  • reflect on how to use the Internet for studying, teaching or research.

Internet for Agriculture, Food and Forestry is one of a set of tutorials within the RDN Virtual Training Suite, created by subject-specialists from universities and professional organisations across the UK. For further information visit the Web site:http://agrifor.ac.uk/vts/FOOD/index.htm

Intute: Health and Life Sciences

This new website has potential for searching on forestry matters (under Agrifor). For further information, see the Web site:http://biome.ac.uk
last updated:  Wednesday, June 27, 2007