Danida Forest Seed Centre (DFSC)

(Extract from MTA)

Since the establishment of Danida Forest Seed Centre (DFSC) in 1969, the centre has been involved in collection of forest tree seed throughout the tropics in collaboration with national institutes, FAO and other partners.

DFSC supports free exchange of tree seed and information between researchers and practitioners, and seed stored at the DFSC seed-bank is available, free of charge, for species and provenance trials, establishment of seed sources, conservation stands and research purposes. DFSC encourages the sustainable use and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from utilization of its seed.

The majority of the seed in the DFSC seed bank has been collected prior to the United Nations' Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) of 29th December 1993 coming into force. Seed acquired after this date was collected with prior consent from the country of origin and with the understanding that it could be made available for any research or breeding purposes. Seed can only be issued by DFSC if the recipient complies with the conditions specified in this agreement, regardless of whether the seed was collected before or after the above mentioned date.

Rules for the future exchange of germplasm for food and agriculture are currently being discussed in the FAO Commission on Plant Genetic Resources, in co-ordination with the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Depending on the results of these negotiations, the contents of this material transfer agreement may be changed in the future to conform to a revision of FAO's International Undertaking on Plant Genetic Resources and/or to internationally agreed standards. In the meantime, DFSC grants delivery of seed from its seed bank under the conditions specified overleaf.

The recipient hereby agrees:

  • not to claim ownership nor to seek intellectual property rights or plant variety rights over the genetic material received or material derived hereof, unless in agreement with the appropriate authority in the country of origin;
  • to ensure that any person or institution to whom it makes samples subsequently available is bound by the same provisions and undertakes to pass on the same obligations to future recipients;
  • to make publicly available any relevant performance data produced by the recipient arising from the characterization and evaluation of the received material;
  • to assume full responsibility for complying with the recipient nation¿s quarantine and biosafety regulations and rules governing the import or release of genetic material;
  • that Danida Forest Seed Centre does not accept liability for any consequences resulting from the use of the seed.

last updated:  Tuesday, July 8, 2003