Australian Tree Seed Centre (ATSC)

(Extract from MTA)

CSIRO's Australian Tree Seed Centre collects and maintains germplasm and information on Australia's flora for the benefit of Australians. The Centre conducts research, or assists others to conduct research, which adds to collective knowledge of the performance and utility of Australian forest genetic resources.

Australia has signed and ratified the Convention on Biological Diversity and pursuant to this Convention, the Australian Tree Seed Centre is committed to "the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising out of the utilisation of genetic resources" as well as facilitating access to genetic resources under Australian ownership on 'mutually agreed terms'.

Use of the germplasm in this consignment from CSIRO ("Material") is subject to this Material Transfer Agreement. The terms, obligations and acknowledgments of the Agreement itemised below apply once the Recipient removes the Material from its packaging.

The Recipient acknowledges that CSIRO provides the Material to the Recipient solely for the purposes of growing and testing for wood and non-pharmaceutical products. It is mutually agreed that the Recipient will:

  1. acknowledge the origin of the Material in all published and distributed information;
  2. allow CSIRO access to assessment data and information on the characterisation procedures and performance of the Material;
  3. allow CSIRO access, for research purposes, to germplasm samples from plants grown from Material included in this consignment;
  4. take reasonable steps to ensure that these conditions are met in any subsequent deployment of the Material;
  5. use the Material at its own risk.

Nothing in this Agreement affects existing proprietary intellectual property rights in respect of the Material.

last updated:  Tuesday, July 8, 2003