Principles and practice of seed storage

Justice, O.L. and Bass, L.N. 1978.
United States Department of Agriculture. Agriculture handbook.
No. 506 (289 pp)
LCCC 78-600015

A useful text aimed at agricultural crops.

IUFRO Seed Symposium: Recalcitrant seed

Proceedings of the Conference (IUFRO Project Group 2.04.00)
12-15 October 1998. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Marzalina, M. & Khoo, K.C. et al. (Editors)

This symposium provided a forum for seed technologists working in the field pf tropical recalcitrant seeds to review their achievements, report on research findings, and to exchange current knowledge. Also included a workshop on Cryopreservation of Tropical Tree Germplasm. Organized by: IUFRO, Malaysian Research Institute and Forestry Departments, with IPGRI, FAO and DANIDA.

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