An introduction to forest genetics

Wright, J.W. 1976.
463 pp., 78 fig., 36 tab., 12pp. of ref.
Academic Press., London, UK

The author has brought together much valuable information in this relatively neglected area of breeding. The book has a three-fold purpose: as an introductory text for students of tree breeding, to help experienced foresters in breeding techniques, and to help evaluate new varieties of trees as they become available. As such the book is not only concerned with tree breeding per se but is also concerned with the general principles of genetics and breeding. Recommended as a good overview of the topic.

DANIDA Forest Tree Seed Centre Technical Notes

An extremely valuable set of resources on many topics, including genetic improvement. SeeSelected references - General - DFSC

Forest Genetic Resources (FAO Annual News Bulletin)

FAO publishes an annual bulletin "Forest Genetic Resources" (formerly "Forest Genetic Resources Information") in English, French and Spanish with a global distribution. This annual bulletin includes new findings and national experiences and programmes, and is a very useful source of latest information. The bulletin is now also available on the Internet.

For more information, visit the Web site:

Certification of genetically modified forest plantations

Strauss, S.H., Coventry, P., Campbell, M.M., Pryor, N.R. & Burley, J. 2001.
International Forestry Review 3(2), 2001. p. 87 - 104.
ISSN 1465 5489

This is a very useful overview of genetic modification in forest plantations from the perspective of certification. The authors review the reasons why the Forest Stewardship Council will not particiating schemes to certify forest management involving GM trees, and put forward counter arguments suggesting that certsitaions could be useful tool for helping to encourage the wise use of genetic engineering. A must-read.

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