Plant biotechnologies for developing countries

Proceedings of an international symposium organised jointly by the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Co-operation (CTA) and FAO.
Luxembourg, 26-30 June, 1989.
Sasson, A. & Costarini, V.
ISBN 92-9081-07-50

Mainly on agricultural crops, but has a chapter on biotechnology and the genetic improvement of trees.

Clonal forestry

Vol. 1: Genetics and biotechnology.
Vol. 2 Conservation and application.
Ahuja, M.R. & Libby, W.J., eds. 1993.
Springer-Verlag, New York, Berlin, Heidelberg
ISBN 0-387-52501-7

An advanced practical textbook in two volumes which covers: juvenility, maturation and rejuvenation in clonal propagation of trees; genetics of clones; population biology of clonal deployment, propagation and field testing of clones; clone identification; clonal physiology; regeneration and variation in plant tissue cultures, the role of somatic embryogenesis in clonal forestry, and developments in biotechnology, including the molecular structure of trees and gene transfer.

Biotechnology in agriculture and forestry

Within this extensive range of textbooks, four volumes are of particular relevance:
Vol. 1 Tree Crops - Propagation - In vitro Vol. 2 Trees - Propagation - In Vitro (also vols 3 and 4)
Bajaj, Y.P.S., ed. 1986
ISBN 3-540-60547-9

Seedling biotechnology in tropical trees: A forester's view

Luukkanen, O. 1997
Paper presented at International Foundation for Science (IFS) workshop Recent Advances in Tree Biotechnology for Tree Conservation and Management, Florianopolis, Brazil, 15-19 September, 1997

A good summary of techniques and their potential for forestry, for both temperate and tropical species.

Development of plant cryopreservation technology applications in agroforestry and forestry

Benson, E.E., Bruns, S., Mantell, S., Tragardh. C. & Viana, A.M., eds. 1998.
School of Molecular and Life Sciences, University of Abertay Dundee, Bell Street, Dundee, UK.
Recent advances in biotechnology for tree conservation and management.
Proceedings of an IFS Workshop, Florianopolis, Brazil, 15-19 September 1997. 1998, 257-271.
International Foundation for Science (IFS), Stockholm.

This overview presents the major developments in plant cryopreservation research in the context of the agroforestry and forestry industries. Major emphasis is given to evaluating the potential role of cryopreservation in integrated forestry conservation strategies.

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