Economics of tree improvement in development projects in the tropics

Foster, G.S., Jones, N. & Kjaer, E.R. 1995.
In: Environmental and economic issues in forestry: selected case studies in Asia (S. Shen, S. & Contreras-Hermosilla, A., eds.
p. 95 - 128. World Bank Technical Paper No. 281, The World Bank, Washington, D.C.

Deliberate introduction of species: research needs

Ewel, J.J., Hughes, C.E., Leakey, R.B. & Lugo, A. E.
BioScience, August 1999, Vol. 49, No. 8. p. 619 - 630. Special edition on species introductions: benefits and costs.

A useful summary, putting forest introductions into context with agriculture etc. The areas of agreement on species introductions are summarised, followed by a discussion of research needs: (i) to better evaluate risks and benefits, (ii) on purposeful introductions; and (iii) to evaluate and mitigate impacts of introductions.
Conclusions centre on three aspects: (i) Development of a broadly accessible information system to support evaluation of organisms proposed for import; (ii) Evaluation of potential impacts of intoductions based on the attributes of the communities within recipient environments as well as the introduced organism, and (iii) Organisms considered for introduction to be classified by their potential effects, then proposed for regulation accordingly.

Tree seed in forest development

Midgely, S.J.

Article on theAustralian Tree Seed Centre'sWeb site.

Emphasises the importance of getting quality seed, and gives a good example of the relative cost of seed in plantation programmes. The article can be found at the following ATSC Web site:
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