The world's forests - Rio+5 international initiatives towards sustainable management

Grayson, A.J. & Maynard, W.B., eds. 1997.
Commonwealth Forestry Association
ISBN 0-9515059-20

A useful reference book of the various initiatives.

The world's forests - Rio+8: policy, practice and progress towards sustainable development

Soderland, M. & Pottinger, A., eds. 2001.
Commonwealth Forestry Association.
ISBN 0-9515059-3-9

A companion reference book to Rio+5 (see above), providing details of the main regional and local initiative arising from the international initiatives.

Seed procurement and legal regulations for forest reproductive material in tropical and subtropical countries

Proceedings of an international symposium
Wolf, H., ed. 1993.
English revision: Allanson, S. 555 pp.
Published by the GTZ-Forestry Seed Centre, Muguga, P.O. Box 41607, Nairobi, Kenya
Distributed by the Kenya Forestry Seed Centre, P.O.Box 20412, Nairobi, Kenya.
ISBN 9966-9897-0-6

This conference was the first held by GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit) on this subject, and was also a regular meeting of IUFRO Working Party S2.02-21. Other sponsoring organizations were KEFRI (Kenya Forestry Research Institute) and FAO. There are 5 opening addresses (by representatives of the 4 sponsoring organizations and by the Kenya Minister for Research, Science and Technology), followed by a summary of the main recommendations of the conference, and the texts of 27 papers (by various authors), presented in 5 sections. There are 3 sets of recommendations: (i) Regulations for the control and recommendations for the use of forest reproductive material; (ii) Collection, production, testing and distribution of forest reproductive material; and (iii) Research on forest reproductive material. The 5 sections containing papers are: I. The production and quality of forest reproductive material (8 papers); II. The role of tree improvement for the production of forest reproductive material (7 papers); III. Trade in and movement of forest reproductive material (4 papers); IV. Regulations for forest reproductive material (4 papers); and V. The role of tree seed centres (4 papers).

Regulation of the genetic qualities of forest reproductive material: problems and gaps.

French title: Reglementation des qualites genetiques des materiels forestiers de reproduction: problemes et lacunes
Fernandez, R., Terrasson, D. & Arbez, M. 1994.
CEMAGREF, Domaine des Barres, 45290 Nogent-sur-Vernisson, France.
Revue-Forestiere-Francaise. 1994, 46:1, 7-18; 12 ref.

A review is made, from a French perspective, of the basic principles of EU regulations on forest reproductive material, viz. selection and identification of the material, and State responsibility for selection and control.

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