Plantation forestry in the tropics - tree planting for industrial, social, environmental and agroforestry purposes

Evans, J. 1992.
Clarendon Press.
ISBN 0-19-854257-7

A good standard text, including sections on seed and propagation. The new edition has been revised to provide up-to-date accounts of silvicultural practices, rural development issues, and the wider role that tree-planting plays. The chapters on agroforestry and protection forestry have been rewritten, while throughout the book the important place of social forestry is recognized.

Part I Introduction: introduction; why plantations?; man-made forest in tropical countries; plantation organization and structure.
Part II Land, social and economic factors and planning in plantation development: land and plantation development; some social and economic factors in tree-planting and plantation development; planning the plantation enterprise.
Part III Plantation silviculture: what to plant?; seed collection, supply, and storage; forest nurseries; plantation establishment; plantation maintenance; nutrition of tree crops; dynamics of stand growth; thinning; high pruning; rotations and regeneration; protection - an introduction.
Part IV Tree-planting and plantation forestry: in rural development, for soil conservation and rehabilitation and environmental considerations: tree-planting in rural development and agroforestry; protective afforestation; afforestation of inhospitable sites; ecological factors and long-term productivity; bibliography; index.

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