Project support

Handbook for preparing and writing research proposals

Reid, C.P.P. 1999
Vienna, Austria, IUFRO Special Programme for Developing Countries, 2000. 164 pp.
ISBN 3-901347-23-2

A very useful handbook for anyone wanting to put together a proposal for funding. Practical, clear and easy to read. A must-read for researchers.

Guidelines for forest sector development co-operation: forest in sustainable development

Volume I: Strategic approach
Volume II: Tools for project cycle management
Volume III: Tools for project cycle management
European Communities - Commission 1996
Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, L-2985, Luxembourg
ISBN 92-827-8465-7

A comprehensive set of guidelines for people involved in various stages of the project cycle, particularly aimed at EU projects. Helpful for general project preparation, whoever the potential funding agency. Available as hardcopy or at the following Web site:
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