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Working group on Forest fire

During the working session of April 2002, the Committee recommended that the rigid structure of Silva Mediterranea networks should be replaced by a more flexible and dynamic setting of working groups on identified items and for a specified time frame. The working group would have a clear mandate, objectives and outputs. The first Working Groups established were those on Forest Fires and Cork Oak.

The Working Group on Forest Fire is led by Spain and coordinated by Dª. Elsa Enríquez Alcalde, Head of the Forest Fire Service, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment ( Website: Spain constitutes the focal point of the International Network on Forest Fire for the Mediterranean Region. The programme of work of the working group on forest fires centres on the following aspects:

  1. Establishment of an agreement between FAO and Spain as part of a reinforced programme on forest fire;
  2. Drafting of guidelines for bilateral agreements on cooperation in the prevention and control of forest fires; 
  3. Decentralized regional database on forest fires in collaboration with the EFFIS.
  4. Dissemination throughout the Mediterranean of the daily fire-risk forecasts prepared by EFFIS;
  5. Updating of the FAO inventory through bilateral agreements for the promotion of exchanges of technical staff.

Objectives for the period 2013 - 2016

  • Maintaining the contacts of the FFWG network updated at the Website (
  • Reinforce the already collaboration with the Forest Fire Expert Group of the European Commission.
  • Collaborate with other Mediterranean countries as Australia, Chile, State of California of the United States of America.
  • Promoting forest fire causes investigation and follow up with training on this issue.
  • Elaboration of technical document/guidelines on prescribed burning in the Mediterranean.
  • Promote forest fires awareness and Community Based Fire Management (CBFiM) initiatives. Connection with CBFiM work developed and leaded by FAO.
  • Continue promoting the application and extension of EFFIS to all Mediterranean Basin countries.
  • Promote the adoption of the Incident Command System (ICS) in the Mediterranean as the organizational tool to assure effectiveness and safety in forest fire suppression operations and exchange of resources
  • Promote the adoption of FAO Voluntary Guidelines on Fire Management as well as other guidelines regarding the use of aerial resources, the exchange of resources or safety, which are being developed in other forums (EU Civil Protection, UNISDR-GFMC…).
  • Promote forest fires accidents investigations and spread technical documents about those investigations.
  • Promote bilateral/multilateral agreements between countries. Develop and disseminate a standard cooperation agreement template considering the region characteristics.
  • Dynamize Silva Mediterranea web page regarding activities of the WG1. Turn the website into the reference place for forest fires information exchange in the Mediterranean.
  • Create a link at the Silva MediterraneaWeb page where to upload links or materials about forest fires prevention campaigns of the Mediterranean countries, to share these materials between countries.
  • Preparation of the forest fire chapter of the State of Mediterranean Forests.


last updated:  Monday, August 1, 2016