Silva Mediterranea

Over 90 years of Mediterranean forest management


The Chair

José Manuel Jaquotot is a forest engineer graduated from Politecnic University of Madrid with an Exexcutive MBA from IESE International Bussines School. In 2017 he was elected president of the Committee of Mediterranean Forestry Questions - Silva Mediterranea of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Agadir.  Mr Jaquotot is a civil servant in the Spanish Forestry Service since 1980, although he has been outside the public administration for 28 years (1985 to 2013) developing different activities in the private sector. He returned to public activity in 2013 and since 2014 is Deputy Director General of Forestry and Forest within the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment. This work supposes the responsibility of the management of the Spanish Forest Policy. His main experience is about management of teams and developments of strategies and projects, both nationally and internationally.


José Manuel Jaquotot

The previous chairs

From 2012 to 2017: Mr. Ismail Belen (Turkey)
From 2008 to 2012: Mr. Spas Todorov (Bulgaria)
From 2005 to 2008: Mr. Abderrahim Houmy (Morocco)
From 2002 to 2005: Mr. Fady Asmar (Lebanon)
From 1997 to 2002: Mr. Ismet Gümüsdere (Turkey, elected in 1997) / Mr. Ahmet Senyaz (Turkey, chairing the session in 2002)
From 1994 to 1997: Mr. Savvas Theophanous (Cyprus)
From 1992 to 1994: Mr. Fernando José Mota (Portugal)
From 1989 to 1992: Mr. George Sakkas (Greece, elected in 1989)/ Mr. Riad (Egypt, chairing the session in 1992)
From 1987 to 1989: Mr. Santiago Marraco (Spain)
From 1985 to 1987: Mr. Yves Birot (France)
From 1970 to 1985: Mr. A. Semizoglu (Turkey, elected in 1970)/ Mr. S. Bayoglu (Turkey, chairing the session in 1985)
From 1968 to 1970: Mr. A. De Philippis (Italy)
From 1965 to 1968: Mr. P. Margaropoulos (Greece)
From 1960 to 1965: Mr. Jean-Alfred de Vaissière (France)

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