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The finalization of the State of Mediterranean Forests 2018

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in collaboration with Plan Bleu, is very excited to announce the finalization of the publication State of Mediterranean Forests (SoMF) 2018. The first edition of State of Mediterranean Forests was successfully launch in 2013 and focused on the main questions posed in the realm of forestry: the need to have a monitoring process at regional level to inform on the status of Mediterranean forest resources and to promote the role of Mediterranean forests at international level. Utilizing the strategic framework developed by the SoMF 2013, SoMF 2018 will focus on more narrow subjects while maintaining a regional interest.

SoMF 2018 was created with the goal of demonstrating the importance of Mediterranean forests in the implementation of solutions to global issues such as global change and demographic increase. As an assemblage of material from over 160 contributors from 90 countries, SoMF 2018 will serve as a major tool in the promotion of Mediterranean forests. The publication will also demonstrate the contribution of Mediterranean forests in pursuit of the 2030 Development Agenda and the Paris Agreement.

Changes in both the climate and societal lifestyle in the Mediterranean region, contributions from the more than 25 million hectares of Mediterranean forests, and future economic benefits from this region will serve as some key messages of the SoMF 2018. The publication will contain three main parts; The Mediterranean landscape: importance and threats, Mediterranean forest-based solutions, and Mediterranean forest-based solutions. In combination, these three sections will analyze the region as a whole and provides readers with current, reliable, and policy-relevant information relevant to Mediterranean forests.

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last updated:  Friday, July 13, 2018