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Over 90 years of Mediterranean forest management

Living and working in the forest in the Maghreb

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Under the direction of Jean-Paul Lanly (AFT) and Abdelhamid Khaldi (AIFM)Preface by Jack Lang, President of the Arab World Institute

Like the book "Living and working in the rainforest" (L'Harmattan, 2016), this book is a collection of testimonies from foresters, this time Maghreb and French, about their professional experience in the three North African countries. Having chosen this profession most often for pure vocation, they are, or have been, field actors, teachers, researchers, managers of institutions in charge of the conservation and sustainable development of forests, woodlands and rangelands, wildlife and aquatic environments, as well as the management of national parks and other protected areas.

They are, or they have been, directly or indirectly, actors of rural development in areas often disinherited mountain or pre-desert. They express the pride of accomplishing their public service mission of protection and sustainable development of natural resources. They also say how difficult it is for other stakeholders to share the seriousness of the long-term consequences of the degradation of these resources.

Preceding these testimonies, the first part of the book is devoted to the troubled relationships of man with wooded areas in the Maghreb from prehistory to the present day.

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