Working groups and ongoing activities

The Committee on Mediterranean Forestry Questions Silva Mediterranea (the official title of the committee since 1948) meets every two years to study common problems and work towards regional cooperation and sustainable development. Extraordinary sessions may be organized to examine important and/or urgent matters. In response to a recommendation by the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1992) that all countries set up National Forest Action Programmes, Silva Mediterranea developed a conceptual framework, the Mediterranean Forest Action Programme, to support Mediterranean countries in establishing their own forest policies.

At the meeting of Silva Mediterranea Committee in Sofia (2008) it was decided to revitalize the existing working groups and create two new working groups on ''Forests and Climate Change'' and ''Financing Mechanisms''. Today the six active working groups are the following:

  1. Working Group "Forest Fires" (WG1);
  2. Working Group "Cork Oak" (WG2);
  3. Working Group "Management of Forests and Sustainable Development" (WG3);
  4. Working Group "Forest Genetic Resources" (WG4);
  5. Working Group "Forests and Climate Change" (WG5);
  6. Working Group "Sustainable Financing Mechanisms" (WG6).

Silva Mediterranea works with the administrations and institutes of its member countries to examine trends in forest and land use in the region, identify priorities for research and implement studies and surveys. Member countries exchange information and technology and share resources and expertise as they work together on selected topics of mutual interest.

At the Sofia meeting, members of the Silva Mediterranea Committee asked each working group to develop a programme of activities for the period 2009 to 2012. These work programmes (except Programme Activity on funding mechanisms) were presented and approved at a special session of Silva Mediterranea, held in Rome in 2009 during the COFO. These work programmes can be downloaded from the home pages of each Working Group in the Silva Mediterranea website.

last updated:  Tuesday, July 1, 2014