Silva Mediterranea

Dialogue at the international level is an essential complement to the efforts of individual countries to develop appropriate forest policies, institutions and practices. FAO supports statutory bodies to provide neutral fora for discussions in the field of forestry.  Silva mediterranea is one of the statutory bodies that cover the Mediterranean region. It is a forum for advising and taking action on key forestry issues for Mediterranean countries.

Mediterranean forests share many common and unique features. As far back as 1911, countries in the region recognized the need to work together on shared forestry problems and create Silva Mediterranea, which became an FAO statutory body in 1948. It remains the only international forum dedicated to Mediterranean forest issues in which the Mediterranean countries from the African Forestry and Wildlife Commission, the European Forestry Commission and the Near East Forestry Commission can meet, share experiences and establish cooperative programmes. Twenty-six countries and the European Community are members of the committee, but non-member countries are frequently invited to the sessions as observers.

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Secretary of Silva Mediterranea
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