2 October 2013 The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) has released a report highlighting the results of a FAO, European Union (EU), and Government of China project on land tenure reform in China. [more]
New publication: China Forest Tenure Project 16 September 2013 Results and lessons learnt from the EU-SFA-FAO China Forest Tenure Project, 2013 [more]
January-December 2012 Newsletter issue 9 7 February 2013 This is the final issue of the China forest tenure project newsletter. Covering the period January to December 2012, it reports on the outcomes of an international conference, a high-level meeting, the 4th project steering committee meeting, national and international training courses, field work, and the development of various guidelines. [more]
International Conference on Forest Tenure Reform: 21-23 November 9 November 2012 Hangzhou, China: Hosted by China’s State Forest Administration, FAO-EU China Forest Tenure Project, Rights and Resources Initiative and Peking University, this conference will review the status of forest tenure reforms in China; share experiences from around the globe on the development and implementation of forest tenure policies, laws and regulations; and identify key pathways for China’s collective forest reforms including possible cooperative agreements with other countries. [more]
Farmers benefit from forest privatization in China 9 July 2012 A fact sheet on the China Forest Tenure Project. [more]
China forest tenure success story 9 July 2012 The China forest tenure project has been selected as a success story in FAO’s recent publication on Impact Focus Areas and Success Stories. Published in six languages. [more]
August-December 2011 Newsletter Issue 8 16 February 2012 Reporting on capacity building in participatory forest management, how to improve government forestry services, study tours to Hungary, Finland, Jiangxi and Hunan; and a planning study on the establishment of a model trade centre on forestry tenure. [more]
April–July 2011 Newsletter Issue 7 30 September 2011 Reporting on the national workshop and training on application of participatory forest management, on the meeting for establishment of a model trade centre on forestry tenure in Jiangxi Province; and activities for assessment of government services for FFCs. [more]
December 2010-March 2011 Newsletter Issue 6 30 May 2011 Reporting on the 3rd Project Steering Committee meeting, field visit to Fujian province, training courses for forest farmer cooperatives, activities on participatory forest management, EU project monitoring mission. [more]
August-November 2010 Newsletter Issue 5 19 January 2011 Reporting on forest farmer’s cooperatives domestic study tours; training materials, Brazil forestry study tour and project publications. [more]
 May-July 2010 Newsletter 30 August 2010 Reporting on the national workshop of the Forest Tenure Trade Centres; training needs assessment on forest farmer’s cooperatives; and promoting participatory approaches in forest management. [more]
February-April 2010 Newsletter 25 May 2010 Reporting from the 2nd Steering Committee Meeting, the national workshop on Forest Farmer Cooperatives, and progress on assessment of trade centres of forest tenure. [more]
October 2009-January 2010 Newsletter 10 February 2010 Reporting on progress of case studies and workshops on assessment of forest farmer cooperatives and forest tenure trade centers. [more]
July-October 2009 Newsletter 11 November 2009 The Inception Workshop and 1st Project Steering Committee Meeting were successfully held in Beijing, 22‐23 July, 2009. Nearly 60 representatives from SFA, FAO, the EC and the project pilot areas attended the workshop. Six research institutions were contracted to undertake assessment and analysis of Forest Farmer Cooperatives conducted through case studies and workshops. [more]
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