International Conference on Forest Tenure Reform

The international conference of forest tenure reform Status and review of forest tenure reforms in China and a global perspective on the way forward was held from 21-23 November 2012 in Hangzhou, China.  About 170 participants, including 30 international participants, attended the conference.  Lessons and experiences from China and around the globe on the development and implementation of forest tenure policies, laws and regulations have been shared through presentations and discussions in seven sections of the conference.  The conference was hosted by SFA, FAO, EU, RRI and Peking University, and was the last largest event of the China forest tenure project. 

The key outcomes of the project were presented and discussed in addition to some other presentations and discussions at the conference.  It was expressed by the participants that the outcomes of the project have provided important inputs to the ongoing forest tenure reform process and to the future deepening reforms in China, as well as provided lessons that could be learned by other countries. 

Meeting documents




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