Carbon markets

While global trade in greenhouse gases (GHG) is well established and growing, the forest-based carbon market has remained small. Forest carbon can be traded on different segments, i.e. Kyoto compliance markets (CDM, JI), in voluntary markets (VCS), GHG exchanges and over the counter (OTC). It remains to be seen how widely the nascent REDD+ credits will be traded through these market mechanisms. 
The following carbon market reviews explain the main market and political developments between 2007-2010.  Each review is published as a chapter in the Forest Products Annual Market Review  which provides general and statistical information on the forest products markets in the UNECE Region of Europe, North America and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Carbon Market Review 2011 

Carbon Market Review 2010 

Carbon Market Review 2009 

last updated:  Thursday, September 15, 2011