Developing guidelines

Global urbanization and climate change raise several issues for those who are responsible for developing policies and making decisions at local, national and international levels.

Urban trees provide a significant contribution to building resilient cities and improving health and well-being, such as through mitigating natural disasters, providing ecosystem services, reducing energy costs or increasing property values.

In 2011, FAO initiated a participatory process to develop voluntary guidelines promoting the optimization of trees and forests for cities. These guidelines will provide policy advice, present good practices and highlight significant initiatives taken around the world in order to improve policy development and decision making to optimize the contributions of trees and forests to cities.

The guidelines for policy and decision making (forthcoming 2014) are developing basic principles to guide for the development and implementation of green forested cities.

"Forests and trees for healthy cities: Developing guidelines for policy and decision-making promoting urban and peri-urban forestry" brochure 


last updated:  Monday, April 14, 2014