In order to foster the exchange of information and provide a meeting place for nations, FAO coordinates regional movements and networks.

Silva Mediterrannea Working Group on Urban and peri-urban forestry

The first FAO-supported regional UPF network to come to light has been the Silva Mediterrannea Working Group on UPF, established in 2012 by the Committee on Mediterranean Forestry Questions (Silva Mediterranea) in the framework of its 21st session held in Turkey.

The Working Group is committed to strengthen the relationships among Mediterranean countries regarding the green infrastructures and urban forests issue. Its mandate thus mainly focuses on developing a UPF networking strategy and on raising awareness on the need to build a common vision for implementing UPF in the region.

The Working Group’s priorities include:

  • identifying common regional UPF assessment indicators for Mediterranean cities;
  • promoting conservation and restoration at the habitat level;
  • addressing the issue of UPF/fire risk management;
  • promoting and supporting the involvement of communities and civil society in UPF; and
  • integrating activities, data, approaches, information from the different disciplines and sectors dealing with the UPF and green infrastructure issues.


Workshop participants.
Granada (Spain), May 2014.

More details about the Working Group can be found on its website.

last updated:  Wednesday, August 6, 2014