Normative work and publications

FAO carries out constant conceptual work with its 189 member countries. Taking advantage of the wealth of specific experience and expertise of government agencies, universities, research institutions, etc, FAO brings on board current issues which require particular attention, analyzes and systemizes them, provides state-of-the-art reports which offer complete overviews of the issues at stake, and contributes to the advancement of concepts and approaches. As a retrofeedback mechanism, findings and recommendations resulting from these normative processes are tested and validated at the field level, thus allowing a continuous improvement. One example in this connection is the global assessment of watershed management practices that led to the release of a resource book for field practitioners and technicians (The New Generation of Watershed Management Programmes and Projects) and of guidelines addressing policy-makers (Why Invest in Watershed Management?). This pages provides the links to download flagship publications and working papers.

Flagship publications

Working papers

last updated:  Wednesday, February 27, 2013