Mountain and Watershed Management

FAO has been engaged in watershed management, forests and water and sustainable mountain development  since the 1970s. The Mountain and Watershed team of the  Forest Assessment, Management and Conservation Division  is responsible for carrying out activities in these thematic areas

The Mountain and Watershed team provides technical assistance for the design and implementation of field projects, supports international processes and prepares technical guidance and information products. It has a strong presence at field level, especially in Africa, Near East, Central Asia and Latin America.


Forestry News

9 October 2015 FAO has launched an online platform that provides easy access to global forest land use and forest resource data. The Forest Land Use Data Explorer (FLUDE) draws on FAO’s Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015 as well as many databases relating to agriculture, rangelands, demographics, market prices, land use classifications and maps, allowing users to analyze global trends and explore links with forest land use change. Among topics users can explore are forest area and characteristics, production, biodiversity and conservation, forest degradation, and progress towards sustainable forest management. [more]
2 October 2015 The FAO Forestry Department has launched a virtual forum to encourage external peer contributors to improve the first draft of the Voluntary Guidelines Section III. The guidelines will present principles of good practice supported by a set of decision-making tools for the planning and implementation of multipurpose, scientifically sound National Forest Monitoring Systems. The virtual forum will take place from 1–21 October 2015, prior to the guidelines’ finalization. The finalized guidelines will be released for the consideration of FAO’s Committee on Forestry (COFO) at its 23rd Session in July 2016. This open forum invites respondents to provide comments and input on all chapters of Section III, as well as relevant case studies on country experiences, including instances of good practices to be shared and errors to be avoided. [more]
Enter the Value of Forests photo contest to win a trip to the European Forest Week 29 September 2015 In celebration of the forthcoming European Forest Week from 2-6 November, FAO is holding a photo contest to raise awareness about the value of forests. The Week will be held in conjunction with Silva2015, the Joint Session of the UNECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry; and the FAO European Forestry Commission. Hosted by the Government of Switzerland in the alpine village of Engelberg, the Week will focus on the many values of forests - providing energy, building materials, employment, food, watershed management, tourism, their contribution to combating climate change and many more. The prize is a trip to join us at the European Forest Week (travel and accommodation) in Engelberg, 2-6 November 2015. Deadline 14 October. [more]


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