Mountain and Watershed Management

Fouta Djallon Highlands - Photo © Thomas Hofer/FAO

FAO has been engaged in sustainable mountain development, watershed management and forest hydrology since the 1970s. The Mountain and Watershed team of the Forestry Department is responsible for carrying out activities related to the three thematic areas: sustainable mountain development, watershed management and forests and water.

The Mountainand Watershed team provides technical assistance for the development and implementation of field projects, supports international processes, and produces publications. It has a strong presence in the field in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 


Forestry News

Strengthening the voice of smallholders and forest and farm communities in Latin America 31 July 2015 Mexico : Working with the Government of México, the National Forest Commission, the Mesoamerican Alliance of Forest and People and the Mexican Network of forest farm organizations, the Forest and Farm Facility is organizing a workshop from 3-7 August to share regional experiences on community land management, forest governance and market linkages. Representatives of forest and farm producer organizations and national and local governments of Bolivia, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico and Nicaragua will develop a common message from the producer organizations for the World Forestry Congress and COP 21. [more]
Latest news from the World Forestry Congress 27 July 2015 Updates on the largest forestry event of 2015 and the key occasion for the world’s foresters and forest supporters to gather, share their expertise and experience, and project a new vision for the future. [more]
Winner of Forests and People photo contest announced 15 July 2015 Sofía Alvarez Capuñay of Peru has won the XIV World Forestry Congress Forests and People photo competition. Her photo, Eres una hoja (You are a leaf), features a woman standing in a Peruvian forest covering her face with a leaf. "We live in a world full of traffic, buildings, smoke, factories and so much noise," Alvarez Capuñay says of her entry. "We are so focused on our daily problems that we forget that we are part of a whole, and we are as fragile as a leaf. We should remember that we are very small compared to the power and grandeur of nature." FAO launched the photo contest to highlight the importance of forests to people in the run-up to the XIV World Forestry Congress, which will take place in Durban, South Africa from 7-11 September 2015. [more]

last updated:  Monday, June 1, 2015