Mountain and Watershed Management

FAO has been engaged in watershed management, forests and water and sustainable mountain development  since the 1970s. The Mountain and Watershed team of the  Forest Assessment, Management and Conservation Division  is responsible for carrying out activities in these thematic areas

The Mountain and Watershed team provides technical assistance for the design and implementation of field projects, supports international processes and prepares technical guidance and information products. It has a strong presence at field level, especially in Africa, Near East, Central Asia and Latin America.


Forestry News

REDD+ and FAO-EU FLEGT collaboration improves governance, reduces deforestation and forest degradation 24 July 2018 Improving governance of forests and lands is crucial for many countries if they are to succeed in reducing deforestation and forest degradation, meet their climate change commitments under the Paris Agreement and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. [more]
Violin crafted from Brazilian sustainable wood donated to FAO Forestry Department 24 July 2018 A violin crafted from wood sustainably produced in Brazil’s Amazon was donated to FAO’s Forestry Department by the Oficina Escola de Lutheria da Amazonia (OELA) for permanent exhibition. [more]
Understanding links between forests and water needed to solve water security problems 23 July 2018 The complex relationships between forests and water must be recognized and understood in order to solve the world’s growing problems with water shortages, according to a report discussed at an event in World Forest Week at FAO headquarters in Rome. [more]


last updated:  Wednesday, May 11, 2016