Mountain and Watershed Management

Fouta Djallon Highlands - Photo © Thomas Hofer/FAO

FAO has been actively conducting work in the fields of sustainable mountain development, watershed management and forest hydrology since the late 1970's. The Watershed Management and Mountains Programme of the Forestry Department is responsible for carrying out activities related to the three thematic areas: sustainable mountain development, watershed management, forests and water.

The Watershed Management and Mountains Programme provides normative products, assistance to the formulation and implementation of field projects and supports international processes such as technical consultations and raising awareness events. It has a strong presence in the field in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

This web site presents the main fields of work of the Watershed Management and Mountains Programme and provides a detailed overview of the approach endorsed by its multidisciplinary team. It furnishes a theoretical framework for each major thematic area along with information on how its mission is put into practice. The web site allows to download its normative products (e.g. publications), collect any relevant information on ongoing projects and international processes and find out about partnerships the Programme is involved in. 


last updated:  Tuesday, September 9, 2014