Water and Mountains

FAO has been engaged in watershed management, forests and water and sustainable mountain development  since the 1970s. The Water and Mountains team is responsible for carrying out activities in these thematic areas

The Water and Mountains team provides technical assistance for the design and implementation of field projects, supports international processes and prepares technical guidance and information products. It has a strong presence at field level, especially in Africa, Near East, Central Asia and Latin America.

Through our work and projects, we aim to building resilient mountain communities and forest landscapes while ensuring the sustainable provision of ecosystem services especially in terms of water quality and supply.


Forestry News

For a Sustainable Diet, Diversify Your Basket! 15 October 2019 In the Ecuadorian Amazon, Kichwa farmers grow dozens of products on tiny parcels of land. Their lands hum with biodiversity, yielding nutritious foods that have sustained families for generations. [more]
Norway, FAO will boost transparency and accessibility of global forest information 11 October 2019 Information on the world's forests will be more transparent and easy-to-use than ever in the coming years, thanks to the new cooperation between FAO and the Government of Norway, which aims to improve global statistics on forest resources and their changes. [more]
Scientists learn how to make a “big bang” for forests 2 October 2019 A communication session organized by the Regional Forest Communicators Networks emphasised that a good story lies at the heart of all successful outreach – the kind that sways hearts and minds and inspires positive social change. [more]


last updated:  Friday, March 8, 2019