International wildlife conference schedule

9 September 2015
South Africa, Durban
Languages: English
The International Trade Centre (UN/WTO) and Durrell Institute for Conservation and Ecology (DICE), School of Anthropology and Conservation, University of Kent
18 June 2015 - 19 June 2015
United Kingdom, School of Anthropology and Conservation, Marlowe Building University of Kent Canterbury UK
Languages: English
27 February 2015 - 1 March 2015
South Africa
Languages: English
12 November 2014 - 19 November 2014
Australia, Sydney
Languages: English
In conjunction with IUCN. []
27 June 2014 11:50
Italy, Green Room
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian
Collaborative Partnership on Sustainable Wildlife Management
In partnership with CPW members.
24 June 2014 13:15
Italy, Canada Room
Languages: English
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