FAO Forestry Paper 167: Wildlife in a changing climate 7 December 2011 FAO’s new report, Wildlife in a Changing Climate, foresees that the rate of loss of wild animal species will be accelerated by climate change unless urgent measures are taken. Particularly at risk are wildlife and ecosystems in coastal and mountain areas, while Africa, where a mean temperature rise of 3-4 °C is expected by the end of the century, is one of the world’s most vulnerable regions. Using case studies, the report puts forward a series of responsive measures to mitigate the impact of climate change. [more]
Unasylva No. 236: Forests, people and wildlife 2 December 2010 FAO's international journal of forestry and forest industries. Unasylva celebrates 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity, by examining strategies for the successful cohabitation of forests, people and wildlife. [more]
FAO Forestry Paper 157: Human-wildlife conflict in Africa 20 September 2010 In Africa, conflicts between humans and wildlife have become more frequent and severe over recent decades.This publication was compiled to facilitate the coexistence of humans and wildlife and assist affected communities in applying best management practices. With a focus on large herbivores and carnivores such as elephants, lions, baboons and crocodiles, the book presents the issues, describes different methods of conflict management and outlines a three-step framework for decision-making. [more]

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