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Quarterly regional conservation news bulletin, produced by the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP), dedicated to the exchange of information relating to wildlife and protected area management in the Asia and the Pacific region.

30 December 2011 Rediscovery of Hemidactylus hunae, Sri Lanka, cccurrence of white-winged wood duck in forest ecology of Nameri National Park, Assam, habitat selection of blackbuck and chinkara in Thar Desert, documenting reliance on forest and its products by Nishis around Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary, records of some termite species from forests of North Gujarat region. [more]
21 December 2011 Regional quarterly bulletin on wildlkfe and national park management. [more]
19 October 2011 Climate change implications for agricultural development and natural resources conservation in Africa. TIGERPAPER is a quarterly news bulletin dedicated to the exchange of information relating to wildlife and national parks management for the Asia-Pacific Region. [more]
10 August 2011 Mammals and birds in Dihang-Dibang Biosphere Reserve, elephants in eastern Nepal, wetland fauna and resource utilization of Bahraiya Lake, tiger conservation in Bangladesh, Sarus Crane in Chittaurgarh District, breeding vultures in the wild [more]
26 May 2011 Special issue featuring the Asia-Pacific Forestry Sector Outlook Study II [more]
2 December 2010 Eagles in Sri Lanka, tigers in Bangladesh, sloth bear diets in India and Asian elephants [more]
31 March 2010 Marsh crocodiles in Udaipur, black bears in Kashmire, elephant dung, lesser cats of Chirang Reserve, Assam [more]
1 January 2010 Argali in Mongolia, tigers in Kaziranga, Himalayan serow in Nepal, four-horned antelope site reports, lower vertebrates in madhya Pradesh, wetlands in Bangladesh, albino macaque in Rajasthan, Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park [more]
Tigerpaper Vol XXXVI No 3 July-September 2009 3 September 2009 Nature & Faune Vol 21 Issue 2 2007 Ecotourism in Bangladesh, wetland biodiversity in Nepal, fuelwood dependence on forests in Periyar Tiger Reserve [more]
3 June 2009 Tamil Yeoman Butterflies, pheasants in India, Rhesus monkeys, bats in Nepal [more]
4 February 2009 Large reptiles in Ayeyarwady Delta, rhinos in Assam, striped hyenas, Long-tailed goral in Thailand [more]
2 December 2008 King Cobras, invasive plants, conservation ethics in Papua, migratory elephants in Bengal [more]
3 September 2008 Beetles in Thar Desert, sloth bears, hares [more]
2 April 2008 Dolphins in Myanmar, wetlands and climate change, cuscus diets, eco-tourism [more]
11 February 2008 Papilonid butterflies, honey badgers in India, elephants in Bengal. [more]
3 December 2007 RAMSAR sites, bats in Thailand, Bengal tigers [more]
4 September 2007 Proboscis monkeys, tigers, tourism and butterflies [more]
5 June 2007 Elephants, Blue bulls, tigers [more]
4 January 2007 Taiwan, Indian civets, snakes in Sri Lanka, deer and pheasants. [more]
27 December 2006 Biodiversity in Pakistan, Nepal, India and Bangladesh. [more]


Nature et Faune

Quarterly international publication, produced by the FAO Regional Office for Africa (RAF), dedicated to the exchange of information and scientific data on wildlife and protected areas management and conservation of natural resources on the African continent.

28 March 2014 African youth in agriculture, natural resources and rural development [more]
5 March 2013 Managing Africa’s water resources: integrating sustainable use of land, forests and fisheries. [more]
18 January 2012 The forest sector in the green economy in Africa [#print("more")]
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