Wildlife in a changing climate

FAO Wildlife and Protected Area officer Edgar Kaeslin highlights the case of mountain gorillas in Rwanda (the original 'gorillas in the mist') who are under threat due to climate change. The film showcases one of thousands of species that are predicted to come under greater threat of extinction due to climate change according to FAO’s new report, Wildlife in a Changing Climate.

Latin America's Green Heart

Latin America’s Green Heart: A Personal Journey Across the Amazon Basin is a 42-minute film created, filmed and directed by Steve O. Taylor. It was produced by Ape Alliance with additional support and funding from FAO.  The film follows Steve O. Taylor’s travels through the region and highlights major environmental issues and the importance of conserving rainforests. 

This film showcases the rich biodiversity of the rainforests of the Amazon Basin and explores the effects that rapid economic development, such as petroleum extraction, the timber trade, hydroelectric schemes, agriculture and farming, have on these forests and the local communities that depend on them. 

Filmed in various locations in Peru and Brazil, the audience is taken on a journey to see the glaciers of Huaraz and the ports of Yurimaguas and Pucallpa, marvel at the biodiversity and communities of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and the Alto Purús National Park and Communal Reserve, and to travel through the agricultural landscapes efforts of Porto Velho and Manaus.  An English-language narration accompanies the viewer along this journey.

The film features also a number of interviews with such diverse characters as national reserve and community directors, conservationists, shamans and farmers.  Given in Spanish or Portuguese with English subtitles, these interviews shed light on the conservation and development issues affecting these forests. 

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