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Discussions and consultations

In this section you can find the complete list of online discussions and consultations held on the FSN Forum until now.

Here you can participate in the ongoing exchanges and find information such as summaries, proceedings and resources of all previously held discussions and consultations.



Taking stock of existing work on food and agricultural policies in Africa

My name is Jean Balié, I am an Economist with the Agricultural Development Economics Division (ESA) in FAO and at present, I’m working on a new project, called Monitoring African Food and Agricultural Policies (MAFAP) jointly implemented by FAO and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The aim of the project is to facilitate policy dialogue based on a sound and analytical monitoring system to promote more informed decision-making at the national, regional and international levels.


Packaging of agricultural products

UNDP Burundi is assisting the government with several initiatives that aim to create jobs for people in the rural areas. The key strategy that has been identified is adding value to agricultural products through agro-processing. A key step in the process is to have access to affordable packaging. Unfortunately there are no packaging facilities in Burundi.


Discussions from n.41 to n.50

Here you can find the outcomes of the online discussions n.41 to n.50.

The topics raised are the following:

  • Seed Biodiversity
  • Women and Climate Change
  • Food, Agriculture and Cities
  • Public Procurement of Agricultural Goods
  • Agriculture Governance Systems
  • The Food Chapter of the Sphere Handbook
  • Land Grab
  • How to Feed the World in 2050
  • Recent Thinking on Rural Development
  • Looking back to effective rural practices

Discussions from n.31 to n.40

Here you can find the outcomes of the online discussions n.31 to n.40.

The topics raised are the following:

  • Food Security Component of the Sphere Handbook
  • Food Safety Mechanisms
  • Capabilities Approach
  • Food Security in arid and semi-arid lands
  • Food Security in the HIV/AIDS context
  • Food Insecurity among the Urban Poor
  • Food Security and Nutrition Security
  • Cassava development
  • Capacity building practices
  • Population Dynamics

Discussions from n.21 to n.30

Here you can find the outcomes of the online discussions n.21 to n.30.

The topics raised are the following:

  • Innovative approaches
  • National Agricultural and Food Policy for Uzbekistan
  • Integrated programming for poverty reduction
  • Climate change
  • Human Right to Food
  • Food Aid and Pro-Poor Growth
  • Complementary Food Recipes
  • Household Food Production
  • Food Security in Mountains
  • Garden in a sack

Discussions from n.11 to n.20

Here you can find the outcomes of the online discussions n.11 to n.20.

The topics raised are the following:

  • Collaboration among Stakeholders in Agriculture Development
  • Training resources on Food Security
  • Linking Food Security Information to Effective Decision Making
  • Organic Agriculture and Climate Change
  • Mainstreaming food security in poverty reduction
  • Staple Food as a solution to malnutrition
  • Energy competition for Food Crops
  • Improving rice production in Africa
  • Biological Pesticide Research and Extension
  • Soaring Food Prices and Policy Responses

Discussions from n.1 to n.10

Here you can find the outcomes of the online discussions n.1 to n.10.

The topics raised are the following:

  • Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Food Price Rise
  • Community Forestry
  • Measuring household Food Security
  • Smallholder Farmers
  • Agricultural Biodiversity
  • Nutrition education
  • Topics that need more research
  • 2nd International Conference on Poverty, Food and Health
  • Food security and nutrition research, analysis and information