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FSN Forum in Africapart of the Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition

Integration of nutrition in agriculture extension services in Africa: A desk review of country case studies, pre-service and in-service training materials

This desk review aims at mapping how nutrition is currently being mainstreamed into agricultural EAS pre-service and in-service training and to give recommendation on the way forward. The study is based on a desk-review of peer-reviewed literature and grey literature. The integration of nutrition into the agricultural EAS materials was analysed by looking at five specific steps and key potential nutrition actions. The assessed steps were: i) problem identification; ii) audience and needs; iii) development of core messages; iv) message form and delivery; and v) evaluation. The key potential nutrition actions were: horticulture and crops; livestock and fisheries; food processing, fortification and storage; hygiene; consumption and finally gender sensitivity.


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