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FSN Forum in Africapart of the Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition

Topic: Household food security


Rural radio and community media: empowering rural youth for resilient livelihoods and improved food security and nutrition

This year’s World Radio Day (13 February) celebrates “Radio and Youth” and we are happy to invite you to explore the role radio and community media have in the lives of rural people in West Africa. How is rural radio contributing to empower youth and to improve resilience and food security and nutrition of rural communities in West Africa? Join our new online discussion from 2 February!


Ebola and food security and nutrition in West Africa: facing the challenges

This online consultation is promoted by the Platform of Alliances against Hunger and Malnutrition in West Africa in collaboration with the FSN Forum in West Africa. The online discussion aims to start the debate on Ebola and food security and nutrition in West Africa in order to gather strategy proposals with the purpose of anticipating a generalized food and nutrition crisis in the next few months in West Africa.

Food Security and Nutrition resources

A Vegetable Garden for All

A practical guide for setting up family gardens for the production of nutritious, safe food crops, that would contribute to the diets of populations affected by food insecurity.

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