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المنتدى العالمي المعني بالأمن الغذائي والتغذية

Re: What is the role of social relations and networks in household food security and nutrition?

Learning Never Comes to an End!

What did you learn learn from the 22 days' of discussions on the role of social relations and networks in food security and nutrition?

I have gained new knowledge from both the content of your input and the processes used: One of the many ideas I am taking away from the discussions is that active communication and open sharing (Kent's sharing-caring communities) results in strenthened networks and social relations. Drawing on the example of use of working groups (University of Guyana) to make contributions to the discussion, I learnt that active communication results in more sharing as one group's input on a particular issue acts as a catalyst, getting other groups in the network to generate new ideas, and the sharing continues. I foresee our networks growing as we continue to share information, innovative ideas and food items.

What lesson are you taking away from the discussions?