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المنتدى العالمي المعني بالأمن الغذائي والتغذية

Re: Invitation to an open discussion on the political outcome document of the ICN2

Katy Lee
Katy LeeInternational Agri-Food NetworkItaly

The International Agri-Food Network ( comprises member associations from right across the food chain, from producers, to input providers, to cooperatives and food companies. For this reason, the zero draft has sparked considerable interest in our community.

Like many who have already commented, we would also wish to see a significant reframing of the text and we hope that governments will take the opportunity to work towards a more focussed draft.

I will begin by offering some general comments on the text, namely that it seems to be lacking on three major themes:

1. The Zero Hunger Challenge

2. Gender

3. The fact that livelihoods and making a living are good for nutrition

It will be important for the text to embody these themes if the goals of ICN2 are to be met. 

Further thoughts:

-       Synergies & related disciplines: Key driving bodies and stakeholders should consistently underscore the valued roles for nutrition as an integral component with related disciplines such as health, agriculture, education, environment, finance, gender, diversity, and other key development factors.

-        The PSM Committee on Nutrition: The Private Sector Mechanism has agreed a position paper that can be found on the IAFN website

The position paper outlines a number of key guiding principles and focus areas: Policy, Communications and Outreach; Research & Development; Nutrition & Health; Empowerment of Women; Agriculture Production & Extension.

-       ICN2: The run-up to the event should establish and maintain open, transparent platforms for the private sector and interested stakeholders to stimulate discussions in preparation for the 2014 high level meeting in Rome in November to frame the new nutrition policy framework. It is essential that proper modalities are identified in the next few months

In addition, I would echo the thoughts raised in the forum from the fertiliser industry, that input industries can bring quantifiable and qualitative improvements to the availability of macro and micronutrients in the food we eat.

Thank you for this opportunity to provide input.