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المنتدى العالمي المعني بالأمن الغذائي والتغذية

Re: Innovations in agriculture to improve nutrition. Share your success stories

Bibhu Prasad Mohanty
Bibhu Prasad MohantyIndia

I as a motivator and person from Swaminathan School of thoughts promoted 3 things in my career and projects works in strengthening nutrition enriched agriculture. The first approach was to increasing the area of cultivation of non-cereal crops mostly neglected nutritive horticultural species suitable for human being and domestic animals.Making availability of good nutritive feed for animals is a challenge area . But it could be made possible in Jharkhand because of Govt. support. Second aspect, I tried to boost local women SHGs through awareness programs and trainings  on nutrition and conducted special trainings on kitchen behaviour and recipes on various  nutritive stuff available at local level. As the demand is increased so the pressure for production is increased. I tried to influence Govt and other large parties involve in MDM, hostels, or mass food distribution to include millets and other nutritive stuff for mass use  Here I failed miserably.

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