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High Level Panel of Experts open e-consultations

Re: Promoting youth engagement and employment in agriculture and food systems - e-consultation on the Report’s scope, proposed by the HLPE Steering Committee

Kim Conely
Kim ConelyNutritional DiversityPanama

Please direct your attentioon tpo following next to complete program to return youth to agriculture : Nutritional Diversity Revision III, 2020 


From: Nutritional Diversity, Biodiverse Food Study, Panama

Our group has been long time contributors to the hope and push for a saving of the ecology, and alternative agriculture, better health through diverse organic systems.

Our groups passion is helping return young people to agriculture, and we are doing a great jonb, please come see it, and maybe you can help us grow it.

That's what this all about right!

Thank you

Kim Conely
Intern @ Nutritional Diversity S,A,
Republic of Panama