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High Level Panel of Experts open e-consultations

Re: Promoting youth engagement and employment in agriculture and food systems - e-consultation on the Report’s scope, proposed by the HLPE Steering Committee

Norbert F. TCHOUAFFE TCHIADJEUniversity of DschangCameroon

Hello dear all,

Still Dr Norbert Tchouaffé, emphasizing on the question 5, 

to reach out and build the capacity of the maximum of youth , a blended training (onsite and online) could be envisaged :

- onsite mentoring training for those who live nearby the regional  training center to be created;

-Online  mentoring training for those who live faraway from the due center.

For this last case the didactic material could be a computer or a Mobil phone with internet access. 

To be sustainable this initiative should be supported financially by the government who after  training in Agriculture will allocate land for production to the yong agri-preneurs.