Re: The Role of Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture for Food Security and Nutrition - E-consultation to set the track of the study

Xinhua Yuan Freshwater fisheries research center of Chinese academy of fishery ...

The China case on fishery and aquaculture development for food security and nutrition is a good example. China has promoted the sustainable of fishery and aquaculture in nation wide for three decades. With the decrease of harvest from sea and inland open-water, Chinese government put more emphasis on aquaculture development and stock enhancement, and a lot of policy has been released to help the development of sustainable aquaculture and fisheries, such as quality seed production, better management of aquaculture practice, closing season, technical extension, community and cooperatives, diversification of fishery activities, production chain development, etc. China has put a lot efforts in developing sustainable fishery and aquaculture for a better life of the farmers, it has a lot of lessons to learn for the world.