Re: Food losses and waste in the context of sustainable food systems - E-consultation to set the track of the study

Camelia Bucatariu FAO, Global initiative on food losses and food waste reduction (SAVE ...

Dear HLPE,

I would like to share my personal comments:

Within the human right to food, prevention and reduction of food losses and food waste could support food and nutrition security for all -- through agricultural and food systems innovations and optimizations that may work at different levels of intervention and with different levels of governance and dynamism in rural, urban, and peri-urban areas.

The Policy and regulatory framework would consequently require a coherent, comprehensive and integrated approach; taking into consideration areas such as: agriculture, fisheries, forestry, taxation / market based instruments, competition, health and education, trade, standards, safety and quality, agro-industry, investment, services, energy, environment, security and justice. Experience and data, involving both private and public sector, that may support the work could be sourced from - to name just a couple - EU (e.g. EC, MS, EESC, EP, and FP7s: FUSIONS, FOODSECURE), OECD, FAO regional offices.

Additionally, the High-level consultation on Post-2015 development agenda identified prevention and reduction of food waste and loss as a priority within Sustainable and resilient food production and consumption( The role that coutries would play is essential. 

Could the study provide guidance on:

  • capacity (both institutional and human) and knowledge opportunities and challenges that would enable or impede dynamic and multi-layered governance and engagement for sustainable change?
  • ex ante and ex post impact assessment of policy/ regulations (recommendations and concrete implementation) on all four dimension of food and nutrition security?

Could the study provide facilitation tools for identification and engagement of key stakeholders and prioritization of interventions at local, country, regional level? Would coordination challenges and opportunities between stakeholders be also addressed?  

How could SAVE FOOD: Global initiative on food losses and food waste reduction ( ) contribute to the process? SAVE FOOD is a public-private initiative (FAO, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, UN agencies e.g . UNEP with the partnership on Think.Eat.Save campaign, civil society) that works on: awareness raising, coordination and collaboration (e.g. definition of food loss and waste and assessment of food losses methodology), policy/ strategy and programme development, and investments formulation and implementation.

Best regards,

Camelia Bucatariu