Re: The Role of Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture for Food Security and Nutrition - E-consultation to set the track of the study

Lizzy Igbine Nigerian women agro allied farmers association, Nigeria

Dear Moderator,
Fisheries and aquaculture are sea foods. They are rich in Nutrition and have high calories.Fisheries are an important addition to every meal, it is majorly eaten by both the poor and rich. Fishes have high calories and helps in food metabolism and enrich the food content and quality in each meal.
Fish and aquaculture are produced, on rivers, seas, oceans or on artificial ponds for use by households and for commercial purposes.
Medically fish helps in adding vitamins like vitamin A because of its rich oil content,vitamin C and others.It helps in food digestion and makes room for more quantity consumption of food.
There are over one hundred types of fishes in the waters. It ranges from Cat fish to tilapia  and other big sea foods like whale.. This makes available, Market and household income increase and substantial nutritional values.
Food security is an agenda of making food available to households in way and contents that add value to their health and enough provision of three square meals per day, for each families within a medium income bracket at an affordable price and at the right market or agreed exchange point.
Food security will indeed end up in archieves if the principles are not obeyed and its motive not archieved..Therefore food security must be measured in quantum and in quality.
Nutrition is the intake of foods that have the ingridients to give requisite bodily needs rich in vitamins, power and capable of giving enzymes required by the bodies.
Therefore the sources of getting these needs must be removed from abuse and must come under a counties recurrent budjet and capital expenditure.
Sustainable fishries will  improve the economy of small scale farmers, and give households regular source of income. Sustainability means an increase in the production of fish by farmers  and available market and at good prices to encourage more investments and more productios
Sustainable fisheries will entail opening up of viable linkages of Agriculture fundings and value additions and putting away profits made in the business as capital for reinvestments..
Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture are a sure way of making money and ensurering food security and Nutrition for all.