Re: The Role of Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture for Food Security and Nutrition - E-consultation to set the track of the study

Eltighani Elamin Sudan

Greetings from Baghdad!

I have read your excellent paper, and think one key issue is missig, that is the relevance of this study to food aid. The current food aid distribution systems are energy based providing mainly cereals driving the poor into chronic hidden hunger for micronutreints. Fisheries if utlized propoerly, could well balance the food rations distributed to the food needy people and the current energy based formula of the food rations could be changed into a nutrition based food basket. Spill over effects of reduced cereals prices to market food consumers when sea food takes its proportional size in the new food emergncy baskets and more hungry people could be reached and fed are expected.


Eltighani Elamin

Professor Eltighani Elamin (PhD)
Freelance consultant
Senior food/agriculture policy & capacity development specialist
Khartoum,  Sudan